Stonehenge trilithons

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Our Midwinter rite will be at sunset on Sunday 19th December 2021 at Stonehenge.

Applications for tickets for the Gorseddau will be accepted only after the announced date. After that date an application form will appear on this page.

Subscribing members will be sent an email link for booking tickets 2-3 days before applications are accepted from other members (this only applies to subscriptions received 1 month before the announcement of ticket application). Subscriptions last for one year, and give those members advanced notice for the two subsequent rites.

Existing members of the Gorsedd (those who have previously attended, but are not subscribing members), will receive notification by email when applications are opened. Following this an announcement will be made on the Facebook page that applications are being accepted.

To apply for tickets for the next Gorsedd, please fill in this form:

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The Council of Elders reserves all rights in the allocation of tickets to all of our events.

By applying for tickets you agree to us holding your email contact details for future use by the Gorsedd of Bards of Cor Gawr, Gorsedd Beidd Côr y Cewri, purely for advising of ticket applications being open for further events and for us to send you tickets for events (if your application is successful). If you wish your contact details to be removed from our system, please email us with an official request.

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The Gorsedd covers all its costs with the generosity of your donations, with the priests and organisers of the Gorsedd paying for all other expenses incurred not covered by those donations from their own pocket, as a service to the wider community. Donations are always welcome to help cover the cost of administration, website etc. If you feel able to help with some of these costs, we are always most grateful and appreciative of your generosity . You can donate by using the button below. Thank you!