Stonehenge, stones in the outer circle

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Code of Ethics

Our intention is to avoid rules and regulations wherever possible, always with the understanding that those who would wish to be part of what we do will recognize and implicitly accept the overarching concept of Honourable Relationship in all we do as individuals and as part of Cor Gawr.

We do, however, offer here words that we believe form a meaningful and attainable Code of Ethics that we wish all who join us as Members to comply with and aspire to.

In recognition that we are all individually responsible for our own actions, and that while each word has a soul deep commonality of meaning for all of us, there are no definitions or clarifications to the words: each of us will have their own personal understanding and perception of these words, and will seek to keep to the spirit of this Code of Ethics in their own ways, with the understanding that they form a bonding or web of purpose and intention.

When joining us all we ask is that you agree to uphold this Code, accepting all that they mean to you.


And connecting all of the above,

Honour and Relationship

Combined with agreeing to the aims and purposes of Cor Gawr as set out in our Constitution, these are the only requirements for membership of the Gorsedd.

For a more in-depth exploration of ethics, we would recommend the following books:

Emma Restall-Orr, Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics (2008)
Brendan Cathbad Myers, The Other Side of Virtue: Where Our Virtues Came From, What They Really Mean and Where They Might Be Taking Us (2008)




The Gorsedd covers all its costs with the generosity of your donations, with the priests and organisers of the Gorsedd paying for all other expenses incurred not covered by those donations from their own pocket, as a service to the wider community. Donations are always welcome to help cover the cost of administration, website etc. If you feel able to help with some of these costs, we are always most grateful and appreciative of your generosity . You can donate by using the button below. Thank you!