Stonehenge from west

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Welcome to the website of the Gorsedd of Bards of Cor Gawr, that is Gorsedd Beirdd Côr y Cewri in Cymraeg.

We are an independent group who work to bring open ceremonies and other events relevant to the Druid and wider spiritual community within the context and setting of the Stonehenge landscape. The Gorsedd meets at Stonehenge to witness and honour the dawn on Midsummer’s Day (24th June) and again on the Sunday before the Winter Solstice at around sunset (dates subject to change by English Heritage) and so offers members of the Druid, Pagan, and wider faith communities an opportunity for focussed ritual, meditation, and celebration within a smaller group than at Open Access.

The Gorsedd was inaugurated in the late 1990s by Emma Restall Orr and Philip Shallcrass of the British Druid Order. It then became part of The Druid Network from 2002 until 2014, and was organised and led between 2005-2016 by Christine Cleere (Vixxen) and the supporting priests. Since Midsummer 2016 a dedicated Council of Elders has run and organised the Gorsedd. We work within the tenets and framework of modern Pagan Druidry whilst being open and welcoming to those of all paths and faiths. The Gorsedd gatherings are made up of people from all walks of life both within and outside of our tradition who come from all over the British Isles, as well as from Europe and beyond. Many of these folks come back year after year to celebrate our native tradition, also bringing with them their own words and offerings to enrich the experience for all.


Please note the website has recently been the victim of hackers. It is now back in full working order with a completely new layout. Blessings to all!




Special Notice ~ Midwinter Rite

The Priests of the Gorsedd of Cor Gawr have been monitoring recent COVID developments carefully and considering the right path to follow regarding our planned event on Sunday 19th December. The current COVID situation has become very serious very quickly. We do not consider that our planned measures to reduce COVID risk (from the rite and associated travel) can adequately protect the tribe, or the wider population given the infectious nature of the new COVID variant.

Given the circumstances, we feel that the right thing to do is to cancel our midwinter rite in person at Stonehenge for 2021, and look forward to the time when we can meet there again at Midsummer 2022.

Without formal guidance, regulation or legislation the responsibility of safely managing this event and all those who attend falls to us. What other groups and organisations do is down to them. This has been a difficult and painful decision, and we are sorry for the inevitable disappointment it will cause. We share that disappointment as the Gorsedd is dear to us all, but this is a better option than any of us falling ill as a consequence of our meeting.

Existing Subscription Membership is extended by 6 months, as there has been no benefit for those members for the mid-winter rite this year.

We encourage everyone to include a call to the spirits of place and the ancestors of Stonehenge in our midwinter rituals where you live, and we will be doing the same and honouring you as members of the tribe. We wish you a healthy, safe and happy Midwinter.

Blessings of the returning Sun
All the Priests & Elders
Gorsedd of Bards of Cor Gawr
Gorsedd Beirdd Côr y Cewri




The Gorsedd covers all its costs with the generosity of your donations, with the priests and organisers of the Gorsedd paying for all other expenses incurred not covered by those donations from their own pocket, as a service to the wider community. Donations are always welcome to help cover the cost of administration, website etc. If you feel able to help with some of these costs, we are always most grateful and appreciative of your generosity . You can donate by using the button below. Thank you!